Who We Are

Michael Barkasi, PhD

Founder. Michael (PhD, Philosophy, Rice University) is an internationally recognized expert on perception and consciousness who has presented his work around North America and Europe. He does multidisciplinary research on the senses, drawing on introspective phenomenology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. Starting with existing sonification research, his own work on perception, and his time as an amateur cyclist and powerlifter, Michael started Performance Sonification Corp. to push the boundaries of sonification in exciting, novel, and practical ways. In addition to his prior work in cognitive science, Michael brings an extensive background in advanced mathematics for programming lightweight motion representations and developing innovative digital sound synthesis techniques.

Fabien Lamaze, PhD

Cofounder. Fabien (PhD, Biology, Université Laval) is a researcher specializing in epigenomics, genomics, physiology and computational biology. He’s coauthored over a dozen scientific papers in premier peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, and spoken at international conferences, including the American Society of Human Genetics. Fabien brings his experience conducting scientific research, expertise in machine learning and big data, as well as his perspective as a coach and masters world champion track cyclist in sprint events. Fabien leads our scientific research, study design, data analysis, and athletic recruitment.

Where We Are


Performance Sonification is based in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is both a major hub for tech companies and for academic research on sonification. The greater Toronto area is home to a number of national sports programs, professional sports teams, and premier athletic facilities.